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Friday, September 02, 2005

Merging a composite layer in PhotoShop

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of doing things the hard way, and when I find a real time saver, I like to spread the word. I'm sure to many experts, this is no secret, but for me, it was a revelation.

If I had a multilayer PhotoShop file, I have always been taught to never throw anything away, so I would make a copy of each of my important layers, and then merge the copies into a single composite layer. You know, duplicate layer, duplicate layer, duplicate layer, duplicate layer, merge linked layers.

Well, there's a much easier way.

You don't have to duplicate those layers at all.

Simply create a new empty layer, then link all the existing layers you want to be in the composite layer, and with the new empty layer active, press control-alt-E, and viola! You now have a composite layer consisting of all your linked layers, without having to take the time to duplicate each layer, and still preserving the individual layers in the event you have to go back and edit them later.

Quick and easy, and it has saved me lots of time and trouble. I hope it will do the same for you.

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