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Monday, January 01, 2007

FREE Anti-Virus Software that really works

I was VERY skeptical at first, in fact, when I heard that some companies were promoting a FREE Anti-Virus program instead of purchasing the tried and true Symantec/Norton or McAfee products, I was the first one to poke fun about it. But, I must admit, I have been using this one for over two years, and I have not had a single problem on any of my personal computers.

The name of the program is Avira AntiVirĀ® Personal Edition Classic.

AntiVirĀ® Personal Edition is FREE, it automatically checks for and installs updates every few days, and it seems to work great.

You can download your free copy here:

AntiVir is FREE for personal use, but if you plan to use it as a corporate solution on MANY computers, you are supposed to upgrade to the Premium Version.

Although the Personal Edition is Free, they do hound you a bit to upgrade everytime you update the virus definitions, but you can simply say no, and you still get the full functionality of the program. The only other drawback is that the Free version expires after you use if for around six months, but it is a simple matter of uninstalling the old version, and re-downloading another free copy and installing it. Considering the price is right (free), I don't mind re-installing twice a year, but if you prefer, for a minimal charge, you can upgrade to the premium version that does not expire.

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